Why us

There are two things that make us different from others in our profession. These key beliefs guide what we do, and we think that’s what gives us our advantage.

1. Financial planning beats financial advice

Planning puts people, and their aspirations, first. On the other hand, advice too often focuses on products without considering what the client wants from life.

We believe that, as we only get one shot at life, it ought to come first. For that reason, our approach focuses on planning, not advice.

How you benefit:

  • You will achieve more of your aspirations, ambitions and goals.
  • You can live your life without the fear of running out of money or dying with too much.
  • You may discover aspirations and ambitions that you didn’t know existed.

2. Fixed fee beats percentage

There are two ways your adviser can charge for their services; a percentage of the amount invested or a fixed fee. If an adviser charges on a percentage basis, they get paid more as your assets grow in value. However, there’s no more work involved.

We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we instead charge a fixed fee, which reflects the amount of work we do for you, not the value of your investments.

Our fixed fee approach also eliminates any conflict of interest. We get paid for providing a service, not because your money is invested with us. You can therefore be confident that our advice is impartial and unbiased.

How you benefit:

  • You will typically pay less than you would on a percentage basis.
  • Your fees stay the same, no matter how much your investments grow.
  • The amount that would have gone to your adviser (were they charging on a percentage basis) stays with you, meaning it can go towards your goals instead.

3. Evidence-led beats active

All investors want to beat the market – however, that costs money, which makes it even more difficult to outperform. Add in the fact that choosing the right fund manager and timing the market is almost impossibly hard, and it’s not difficult to see why the probability of beating the market is slim.

We believe there’s a better way. We avoid investing money with active fund managers, and instead buy the market return for a significantly lower cost. By following what the evidence tells us, there is a higher probability of achieving what you want.

How you benefit:

  • Lower fees.
  • More focus on your goals and aspirations.
  • No possibility of underperforming the market.

Other reasons to choose us:

We’re business owners.

We understand and have lived through some of the same challenges you face.

We challenge the norm

We’re in the minority in our approach, and we’re happy to stand up for change.

We believe in doing good

We provide access to 100% ESG portfolios, while still keeping it low-cost.

How we work

Our financial planning process is laid out in a few key steps, giving you a clear and complete overview of what happens when and how we’ll work together throughout.

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